a thing is a thing but you can’t [...]
Nina Guo, Augustė Vickunaitė
2021 August 20
Nina Guo and Augustė Vickunaitė improvise together.  Nina’s free monologues fragmentation isolates images and thoughts that shift daily life formulas into mischievous language epiphanies and fizzy onomatopoeias. Augustė’s here and now tape-loops and glitches push [...]
tag(s) Augustė Vickunaitė Nina Guo
2020 October 03
This is a collection of recordings made by Björn Magnusson in the winter of 2019 in New York. The only instrument used was an old 2008 Macbook Pro. All tracks by Björn Magnusson Das Andere Selbst 035 Limited Edition Of 20 DIY Dub Berlin 2020  Artwork [...]
tag(s) Experimental Non Experimental High Street
Natural Language
2020 April 04
Lagno [laˈɲo] is the solo project of Elodie Le Neindre, raised in Paris and based in Berlin since 2017. Classically trained as a violinist, she composes music investigating sounds from a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments blended with live looping, sampling and [...]
tag(s) lo-fi chamber music
Prepared Drums Vol.I
2019 March 07
Dubplate LP 2019 Das Andere Selbst 032 Dromoscope Editions 005  Limited Edition of 50 copies All tracks by Daniele De Santis Edits by Elia Buletti Master by Daniele De Santis Cut at Disc Archive Berlin Artwork: Daniele De Santis and Elia [...]
tag(s) Daniele De Santis, Prepared Drums, Dj Tools
Earnest Lie
2019 January 12
"Just like a mime going across the moon" Side A  Hello Love is a strange thing The mime Kinda feeling I will follow Sandy Woods Son of will This is just a dream  Side B  Mess in the dance floor Let’s go to Treptower Park Nightmare’s dream (Was it real [...]
tag(s) das andere selbst earnest lie octavio garabello
The Gracious Depression
2017 July 12
Rinus van Alebeek The Gracious Depression Das Andere Selbst 030 Limited Edition of 50 copies MC 42 July 2017 Wandering man, tapes poet, Radio On co-founder, editor and artistic director of Staaltape and Staalzine as well as the now defunct Porticello Artist Residencies, Rinus Van [...]
tag(s) das andere selbst rinus van alebeek
Toke Picabia
Elia Buletti
2017 May 01
DELMORE FX TOKE PICABIA Das Andere Selbst 029 2017 All tracks by Elia Buletti Recorded on january 2017 at DDR studios in Wedding, Berlin Master: Paul Jones Layout: Stéphane Robert (Dasein) Delmore Fx is the solo project of Elia Buletti, who started to work under this moniker [...]
tag(s) das andere selbst delmorefx toke picabia Elia Buletti
splitterboo (Amorphage Kluster)
Nicolas Humbert
2016 December 08
D.A.S. MC40 028 2016 50 copies All tracks by Nicolas Humbert Edit and Master: Elia Buletti and Paul Jones Artwork: Markus Stein  Cloned in mass numbers, slicing an eighth, major league gamer. Continuous triggered ignition of the [...]
tag(s) digital tape Nicolas Humbert
Sibilus Satanicus
Lykourgos Gousios
2016 November 11
SIBILUS SATANICUS  Das Andere Selbst 027  MC 40 2016 50 copies All tracks by Lykourgos Gousios  a.k.a. goolyk / CXIxVI / Sibilus Satanicus Master: Paul Jones Artwork: Lisa Lurati & Elia Buletti Painting: Octavio Garabello Pitch-dark pointed nights concealing [...]
tag(s) Lykourgos Gousios
Giorgio Dursi
2016 March 10
D.A.S. 026 2016 MC29 50 copies Giorgio Dursi debut album: a fevered grace cut into pieces and reassembled. Scraps of automatisms, patterns gone wrong, avant spring breaks, first-person narratives. Composed and produced by Giorgio Dursi on summer’s end 2015 in Berlin, [...]
tag(s) Das Andere Selbst tape Giorgio Dursi
Damir Bojanic
2016 January 07
Cassette, 40 minutes Das Andere Selbst 024 2016 Limited Edition Of 50 copiesAfter a handful of self released EPs, the inscrutable Damir Bojanic(Queer’d Science/Klaus Kinski) unveils this erotic death pop debut album, fusing styles of VHS-wave, witch-house and doom [...]
tag(s) Das Andere Selbst Damir Bojanic
Animals, Things And Human Beings
Roi Assayag
2015 November 13
D.A.S. 023 2015 Limited edition of 50 copies Artwork Elia Buletti Animals, Things And Human Beings is a 13 minutes concrète-hop love song recorded on a four track in Berlin on springtime 2014 it was originally composed as a soundtrack for [...]
tag(s) Das Andere Selbst RockyB Roi Assayag
2015 October 17
ANTI-MIMESIS Allstars cassette compilation d.a.s. 025 2015, limited edition of 50 Side A: THE LOST AND FOUND SOUND (Stacy Stephens)Untitled Anti-Mimesis SEA URCHIN (Francesco Cavaliere and Leila Hassan)Dream Engine ROCKY B (Roi Assayag)Frosch NOVO LINE (Nat Fowler) Lord Of [...]
tag(s) anti-mimesis compilation das andere selbst tape VARIOUS ARTISTS
Cumbias Choras
Joaquin Luzoro
2015 September 05
MULTITASKING CUMBIAS CHORAScassette, 40 minutesd.a.s. 021 2015 limited edition of 50 copiesDebut album by the berlin based chilean artist Joaquin Luzoro. Narcotic raw techno made by modular synth and analog drums. Joaquin oversees activities at Digital Death [...]
tag(s) Joaquin Luzoro
No Call From Rasmus While Jogging
Paul Jones
2015 August 21
NO CALL FROM RASMUS WHILE JOGGINGRecorded in Copenhagen and London All songs, runs and drawings by Paul Jones Editing and artwork Elia Buletti. PAUL JONES Born in England raised in New Zealand fist fights in the garden rebel teenage guitar back to London squats ketamine food [...]
tag(s) pauljones tape Paul Jones
Elia Buletti
2014 September 15
"The Swiss born, Berlin based Elia Buletti works with both analogue and digital equipment to make music that draws lines between free improvisation, bedroom solipsism and outdoor vorticism. Ghostly samples, lo-fi twangs and drum improvisations crystallize and dissipate in [...]
tag(s) cassette delmorefx furtivo imaginary innumerevole tape Elia Buletti
Erasuremade and Dissolved
Jonas Ohlsson
2014 September 01
Blodfet & DJ Lonely is a one-headed musical duo by Swedish born Amsterdam based artist, DJ, musician, curator, art teacher and globetrotter Jonas Ohlsson. He started to make electronic music back in 1988 with Kai Parviainen (Enema Syringe) in Enema & Gejonte, and released [...]
tag(s) badass beats Blodfet&DjLonely dysfunctional Erasuremade & Dissolved oddly vinyl Jonas Ohlsson
Punca Nova
Mat Pogo, Roberta WJM Andreucci
2014 February 10
JEALOUSY PARTY - Punca NovaSide * Follow Your BlissSide ° Ieri Domani Das Andere Selbst 018 2014 limited edition of 100 copies; artwork eliab.We are very happy to start the year with this JEALOUSY PARTY release recorded and mixed at D.A.S. Berlin during a december [...]
tag(s) Mat Pogo Roberta WJM Andreucci
A.C.E. V.I.R.
Nathaniel Fowler
2013 November 15
By misusing one algorithmic composition program created for Atari St in 1989 through hardware from the same era, NOVO LINE makes live-mixed unrendered spontaneous improvised electronic music. Random sequences of midi signals are generated via software parameters permutations, [...]
tag(s) Nathaniel Fowler
Hallelujah, I’m a bum.
Stacy Stephens
2013 October 19
Stacy Stephens is the lost & found sound. Born and raised throughout the deserts of Arizona, recently relocated (back) to the coast of California in 2012. began making music around 10 years ago. Hallelujah, i'm a bum. first release in well over 2 years, follow up to split [...]
tag(s) Stacy Stephens
Elia Buletti, Paul Jones
PZZT 1982/1983
Stefan Heinze
Mischa Good, Annely Steiner
Björn Magnusson
Selected Works
Nicolás Gravel
Nicolas Humbert
Trinity the Band of Pan
Jevgenij Turovskiy, Elia Buletti, Mischa Good
Call of the Master of the Haze
Francesco Cavaliere, Leila Hassan
In Sketches begin Responsibilities
Björn Magnusson
Race Soul
Jonathan Frigeri
Héloïse Thibault
Olmo Guadagnoli
Mischa Good, Annely Steiner
I was good
Mischa Good

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