A.C.E. V.I.R.
Novo Line, Nathaniel Fowler
2013 November 15
By misusing one algorithmic composition program created for Atari St in 1989 through hardware from the same era, NOVO LINE makes live-mixed unrendered spontaneous improvised electronic music. Random sequences of midi signals are generated via software parameters permutations, each piece evolves and resolves, never to be recreated the same way again (unless recorded!) Surfing on authorship and principles of computer music via 1mb ram. Highly mental as fully physical. Berlin twilight at its best. SOLD OUT


NOVO LINE is Nat Fowler, former guitarist of Baltimore band Oxes, now based in Neukölln.

Design: ertdfgcvb.com ↗
Andreas Gysin, design code and teaching between Switzerland and Berlin.

More Novo Line here ↗.
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Artwork by Andreas Gysin
Vinyl 7'', A side 45 rpm, B side 33 rpm.
100 ex.
Individually numbered on the cover.