Punca Nova
Jealousy Party, Mat Pogo, Roberta WJM Andreucci
2014 February 10


Side * Follow Your Bliss
Side ° Ieri Domani

Das Andere Selbst 018 2014 limited edition of 100 copies; artwork eliab.

We are very happy to start the year with this JEALOUSY PARTY release recorded and mixed at D.A.S. Berlin during a december 2013 residency. JP are Mat Pogo and Roberta WJM Andreucci playing metamorphic samples from the burning library of sessions that the duo recorded with an open collective of musicians involved in the Jealousy Party project since 1995 (Edoardo Ricci, Jimmy G, Jacopo Andreini, Andrea Caprara, Nikt Notoni and Stefano Bartolini). Those recordings are endlessly reshuffled through the JP fingers virtuosity : for this Punca Nova release we worked on some kind of sounds rarefaction & maximization in a earthquake dub-hop perspective. Produced by JP and eliab.

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Artwork by Eliab
Cassette audio 40 minutes
100 ex.