The Gracious Depression
Rinus van Alebeek
2017 July 12
Rinus van Alebeek
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The Gracious Depression
Das Andere Selbst 030
Limited Edition of 50 copies
MC 42 July 2017

Wandering man, tapes poet, Radio On co-founder, editor and artistic director of Staaltape and Staalzine as well as the now defunct Porticello Artist Residencies, Rinus Van Alebeek embraces and eludes the world through walkman, dictaphone and elegance of movement.
The Gracious Depression is a midsummer whispering storm in its dissipating stage, just when the downdrafts start to dominate over the clouds.

Side A
Psychoanalysis and Poverty
Entering the Asylum on a Summer Day

Side B
Life Embracing Electricity
Professor Melentrope
Die Haltbarkeit des Daseins
It feels so good to sit in the Garden and rest ↗

Artwork Elia Buletti

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