Earnest Lie
2019 January 12
"Just like a mime going across the moon"
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Side A  Hello Love is a strange thing The mime Kinda feeling I will follow Sandy Woods Son of will This is just a dream
Side B  Mess in the dance floor Let’s go to Treptower Park Nightmare’s dream (Was it real love?) She said 

Listen: https://dasandereselbst.bandcamp.com/album/earnest-lie ↗

Das Andere Selbst 031 Limited editions of 69 copies 
All tracks by Octavio Garabello 
Recorded on a Tascam dp 004 on the late summer 2018 
(Was it real love?) with Paul Jones 

Tape master and dubbing by Sara Valentino @ Tapedub Berlin 
Artwork by Octavio Garabello 
Layout by Elia Buletti   
Special thanks to Joaquin Luzoro and Digital Death Records

Octavio Garabello is a argentinian painter and musician based in Berlin since 2012. I first met Octavio in Buenos Aires during a south american trip on 2010, he was playing the bass with a band called Hipnoflautas in a venue called Inpa, a workers self-managed industry that had a room left for concerts and parties. 
Being very impressed by the unplatonic psychedelism of the band, I was very happy when i met Octavio again playing a solo guitar set at Jardin Oculto, an off Art space in S.Telmo. In this occasion I bought  Cantemos Canciones (let’s sing songs) a 20 copies run cd-r that became an instant classic at home once back from traveling.
4 years later in Berlin I met a guy while wandering at night, as soon as I discovered he was from Buenos Aires I started to tell him how good Hipnoflautas were and went on talking about that Octavio’s cd-r i was forcing all my friends to listen to.  After a while the guy kindly told me: "Hey but I am that person!"
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audio cassette 36 min approx.